Royal Botanic Gardens Kew

Royal Botanic Gardens Kew is a place where you can discover the world of science behind our botanical collections, with over 50,000 living plants to be found across our UNESCO World Heritage site.

Our mission at Royal Botanic Gardens Kew is to understand and protect plants and fungi, for the wellbeing of people and the future of all life on Earth. Earth is the only planet in the universe that we know for certain supports life. Yet that life is in crisis. The unprecedented rate of degradation means we are living through an age of extinction. We know the next decade is critical to reverse this trend. Our aspiration at Royal Botanic Gardens Kew is to end the extinction crisis and help create a world where nature is protected, valued and managed sustainably.

Our scientists will identify and strive to protect species of plants and fungi globally, as well as revealing those that could be new sources of food, medicine, fuel or materials. We will promote and provide access to knowledge, ideas and beautiful gardens that motivate individuals to be advocates for nature. The world needs brilliant scientists and horticulturists. We commit to training students from the UK and around the world. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew is a public body and charity with global collections and influence. We must be for everyone, disseminating our knowledge and collections both physically and digitally for global benefit.

We will speak with confidence and prominence to advocate policies aligned with our mission. We will be an exemplar of environmental responsibility in all that we do, including by exceeding net-zero carbon emissions to become Climate Positive by 2030.

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